Thursday, September 1, 2011

More On Hot Dogs

Just a quick update on Tuesday's post!

First, if anyone's ever doubted how much daschund owners love their dogs, just ask this chick. But you should probably not ask her if you are, or if you remotely resemble, a bear. Shirtless Robin Williams should probably not approach her.

Second, my dad has enthusiastically jumped on board with the Floating Doggie Dock! He couldn't comment on my piece because Blogspot is stupid, but he emailed me a whole bunch of comments so I thought you might like to see what he had to say. He offered a lot of hilarious tidbits of wisdom - do you see where I get my awesomeness?* - but these are his best:

1. In reference to why we named our Daschund "Moose" :

Confidence boosting…that’s hilarious, I love it. But you forgot to mention that he is also extremely well endowed.
This is, in fact, true. Moose has rather impressive genitalia for a neutered 20-pound lapdog. However, I wasn't entirely sure whether the Internet needed to know that. So...I guess now you do. Sorry about that. Blame my dad.

2. In reference to Moose chasing foxes and deer when he was younger:

Now here I have to object: 1st – he runs after way more chipmunks and squirrels than deers.  I think he has only encountered a deer maybe 2-3 times, but chipmunks…whoa, like numerous times each and every day even in his 'oldmanishness' ways.
Again, this is true. I should probably have given the little guy more credit for being active since chipmunks remain, to this day, his #1 favourite snack that he's never actually eaten.

3. In response to my script for the Floating Doggie Dock infomercial:

OK I’m in. I got the business end of this all figured out ... I figure we could probably build these puppys for under $35, retail em for $99, a whopping 65% gross profit margin.  Wow, excellent revenue to cost ratios...
My dad is a very clever businessman, so could this maybe actually really work? Maybe we can go on Dragons' Den! Yes!

What do you think, Internet: would you buy a Floating Doggie Dock? Assuming you had a swimming-phobic small dog?

*Don't worry Mom! I get my awesomeness from you, too. I am a unique blend of Irish-German-French-Canadian awesome, as evidenced by my awesome parents. Although not that unique, because my brother has acquired their awesomeness too. I guess...

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